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The 30 Bird Project

Inspired by Sufi mysticism and Persian mythology, this newest art series is a tribute to my culture. (Scroll down for the backstory.)

Composed of digital artworks printed on metal, The 30 Bird Project is now available for the exhibit!


Simurgh is a mythical bird in Persian literature. “Si” means “thirty”, and “Murgh” means “bird” in Farsi. Hence Simurgh means "thirty birds".

Twelfth century Persian Sufi poet Attar of Nishapur composed a mystical poem called the Conference of the birds.

A metaphor for God, the story is about the birds of the world searching for their king, the legendary “Simurgh”.

The birds face a difficult journey. On the way, many die of heat, thirst, or illness, while some become prey to other animals.

Finally, only Thirty Birds survive and find the Simurgh. But in the process, the birds learn that they themselves are the Simurgh (30 birds)!

Ultimately they understand the Sufi lesson that the majesty of life is us, like a reflection in a mirror. We are what we seek.