Shiva's Art Salon
Timeless Themes of the Persian Perspective
Art Curation
Timeless Themes of the
Persian Perspective

Art transcends language and cultural barriers. It has the power to connect people by revealing their similarities and shared humanity thereby transforming prejudice into understanding.
Persia (Iran) is an extraordinary land with a deep cultural history that evokes different feelings to some people in the States who might only associate it with the political version gleaned from the media.
This exhibition celebrates the cultural side of Iran and focuses on its distinctive art and imagery from the past and present. It intends to showcase a compelling sampling of the scope and range of Persian art and artists that transcend the constraints of ideological and cultural borders.
More than 50 works will be on display from antique Persian art and textiles to works by contemporary Iranian artists living here and in their home country. Contemporary Iranian art speak to similar social issues people all over the globe struggle with. At this exhibit we have the opportunity to see ourselves in the “other” through art.
June 15 – September 6, 2019 
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